Friday, July 11, 2008

When in Australia, do as the Aussies!

The longer we’re here the more we’re trying to integrate the local customs. We’re learning the lingo, “no worries mate.” We’re careful to watch out for the kangaroo crossing. Perhaps more importantly we’ve come to experience the food. In these parts a morning staple is the infamous Vegemite. What is it you ask? The label describes it as a concentrated yeast extract. High in Vitamin B, Aussie’s eat it at breakfast like most Americans would eat peanut butter. Some Sisters were replacing there usual PB on toast with Vegemite. The reactions about this “down under” delicacy has been varied to say the least. Here’s some responses about Vegamite from a few Sisters…

“I’ve had it everyday. It has a lot of vitamins…I’ve been spunky the whole time”

“It’s a taste you didn’t even know your taste buds could perceive”

“I began by eating ½ peanut butter, ½ Vegemite, but now I’m going for the full spread!”

“A word to the wise, don’t eat it by the spoonfuls”

“It tastes like bouillon”

“I put too much on the first time. The way you should eat it is layer on butter, then thin, thin, thin! I learned from a real Aussie.”

“User warning—spread it on lightly!”

“It’s like solidified soy sauce. I can’t eat it because of the amount of sodium. You know—dry mouth, cotton mouth. But we still get along, we’ve bridged the gap!”

“As all the great saints would advise--everything in moderation. Vegemite though, less than moderation. Temperance is the best!”

“Only eat it for energy, not flavor”

“An egg on top restrains the intense bite”

“Just thinking about it I get a lump in my throat”

“I don’t start my day with vegemite, I don’t end my day with vegemite”

“Three words—black strap molasses!”

Sr. Mariam Caritas


Sarah said...

Thanks so much for doing this blog!! Please keep it up. I love, love, love the pictures!! Hilar of Sr. Giovanna Marie eating the vegemite. Eat your veggies, Sister. :-)

Stephanie said...

Hi girls! You look like you're having so much fun! This was a hilarious reminded me of "I Love Lucy" and her experience with 'Vitamitavegimin!'
I love the expression on Sr. Giovanna's looks delicious! =)

Have a wonderful are all in my prayers.

Stephanie Gebhardt (Sr. Giovanna's sis)

The Pollards said...

Hello Sisters! Especially Sister Monica! Don't know if you got our last message. We love the blog and will be watching on EWTN. We will be praying for all of you!

Love to all of you!

The Pollards

DavidofOz said...

The secret is spreading Vegemite thin ("Scaring it on" as my wife would say) on to hot buttered toast.
We have had some American pilgrims staying with us and recorded our experiences with them too.
Enjoy World Youth Day!

Patrick said...

Vegemite (and its English cousin, Marmite)is definitely an acquired taste. It's "brewer's yeast extract," and as I like to say, I pity the poor yeasts it was extracted from. It has a unique bitter-sour-salty taste, with a finishing back-kick.