Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's happening


Karen said...

Sisters, is that a photo of the Matt Maher concert or is that your usual crowd? Looks like a lot of fun and I imagine it is keeping you all VERY busy!

Ralph said...

Dear Sister,

Thanks for what you and the others there are doing to lift high the Cross. The photos and stories are powerful reminders to us of the power of the Good News of Christ and the Holy Spirit. For too long too many Catholics have allowed scandals and human shortcomings stand in the way of what we are individually and collectively called to do with and for Mother Church. Your blog and the wonderful EWTN coverage of the WYD Opening Mass, serve as a strong wake up call. Keep the news flowing. It is great to share in the experience even if from a distance. Perhaps some of the College Knights will join you in sharing their impressions and experiences.