Monday, July 14, 2008

Knights come to the aid

College Knights of Columbus gather Sunday, July 13, after evening Mass at St. Benedict's on the Love and Life Site campus.


Liz Rider said...

I truly LOVE reading your stories...such REAL encounters with Christ in the world. I can almost feel your love radiating over here. I have no doubt that lives are being changed through these encounters.

Thanks for posting and keeping us updated...I feel like I'm there with you ladies!

P.S. Sisters, please send my love to the QU knights & the women's group! Great photo of the KCs.

Anonymous said...

Say hi to the Harvard Knights for me! Michael, Michael, and Juan. Tell them that Peter says hi! And that I'm praying for them, and for you-all too. God bless!

James the Lesser said...

Could you possibly list the College KOC Councils represnted at WYD?